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My Mission

Hello Everyone!!!
Hope all is well. I wanted to continue from my last blog entry "Starting Over", you can read it here.

Now let's dive straight in. 

So what is my aim, my objective, my mission I wish to achieve with MyGaiaStyle.
When I first began this endeavor all I was trying to achieve was starting a Tarot Readin business for those who demanded my services. 
Over the last two years things has drastically changed. 

I no longer go by "The Tarot Pharaoh" as I changed the name of the business to a brand that incorporated everything as a whole. 

I want to serve and help people along there spiritual magickal journey.
I beleive in the power of magick. 

I live my life according to the law of attraction. What you put into the world you'll receive. 
If you haven't seen the movie "The Secret", I highly advise that after you're done reading this blog post that you go ahead and check it out.

But I started my spiritual awakening and magickal energy practice nine years ago. 
I began reading Tarot cards when I was 16 and it was the gateway that lead me down this path because I had an yearning to learn more about my capabilities and the world unseen power at play in nature.

I also had a very strong desire and connection to the earth. I am an empath and I feel the pain and suffering that goes on throughout this world. 

So not only do I want to serve and help the people of the Earth. But ultimately I want to save this planet. I want to save the earth from the destruction that we have been inflicting over the years.

A lot of times I'm asked?
"What do you believe in, what's is your belief system. What religion are you associated to"

I tell folks that I'm a spiritual individual. I don't pledge my allegiance to no religion except the powers of the universe. 
I believe in energy. Energy cannot be destroyed and it cannot not be created. It always is and will always be.

We are energy beings that has taken on a human being form. We are spiritual beings going through the act of a human experience. 

I want peace and harmony for this planet. Not hate nor chaos that is plaguing many regions of the world. I want us to find sustainable ways to live a happy and wealthy life. 

My mission you ask is to do my part to serve the people of the earth and more importantly help save the Earth.
Gaia is greek for Earth and also reference to the Deity Gaia. 
I  believe in many many deities and personas of almighty. Some call the almighty god, others like me may address God as the almighty being, the almight light, the universe, the one.

Throughout the years of being a Tarot Reader and helping people through my gift of Tarot I have come across to many people who is suffering and unhappy with their life. I find that many of us don't have the proper insight, tools, and resources to live a better life.

A lot of us is conflicting with ourselves because of opinions and beleifs that others in our life has impressed on us to influence us to act in a certain way. 
We want to be true to ourselves but not go against the grain or those that we value in our life. 
What happens is that we our left confused, perplexed, and ultimately doubting our own selves or what we wish to pursue in life. 
This create a rift between our spirit, body, and mind leaving up in peices trying to put ourselves back together. We feel incomplete and and hallow.

So you ask what is my mission. My mission is to shed some light on those who need it. To help guide those to living a better abundant and wealthy life. To help give people the proper spiritual tools to help them fight and attain what they want and need to thrive on this beautiful life. 

There is enough abundance out there in our world to help everyone. But we mus to do our part to help ourselves and others get it. 

But it also individuals responsibility to help guide others who have already reached a milstone in their life and master necessary concepts and lessons to our human experience. 

Humans need Humans

Human need Mentors and Coaches who have already mastered the process and methods in the world and pass it on to those who are still struggling to learn those exact same process and methods to living a better life. 

I'm very content in my spirituality. I manage to focus on that first before anything else and it is the core to my being and how I navigate this planet. 

When I interact with people, many can feel the energy that I generate from myself.
I have a very nurturing, loving, caring, and positive energy that I emit and it's addicting to those who are in my presence. 
That when people start to open up to me before I even had a chance to utter one word to them. 
They already inherently know what type of person I am from what type of spiritual energy i choose to release into the world.

Right now I don't have much money, I don't have a stable place to live, and I barely have a job lol. But at the end of the day I am able to be grateful for what I have and appreciative of the things that comes my way. 

We focus so much on the negative and what we lack. 
More so we focus on the idea of what we don't have and allow that thought to plague and get in the way of everything else that we desire. 

From my experience the steps necessary to living a happier life is to..
1) surrender to your reality and embrace the idea that you can change your reality and create what you desire.
2) start being grateful and appreciative of the thing you have in your lie. Be grateful that you manage to see another day, be grateful that  you have the ability to see, that you have two legs.
Start appreciating yourself more, start appreciating the people in your life. Start appreciating the given circumstances that allow you to be here now. 
I'm fat but I appreciate that I have access to resources that allow me to take control of my health and weight.
3). Make good choices and take the right action.
After you surrender, start being grateful and appreciative. The last step is to start to make the proper decisions. You know what limiting habits you keep performing that set you back, you recognize what decisions you make that causes you more pain and suffering instead of enriching your life.
Sometime making the right decision entail  sacrifice and giving certain things up in order to better yourself. DO IT. Give up the things that are hurting you and start incorporating the things that will help you succeed. 

I hope this helps