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Page of Wands: Meaning of the courts

Let's begin with the Pages. This youthful card symbolizes the young energies of a child and carry the emotions of a new experience. When a Page appears it's all about new fresh ideas, first time moments being experience, the beginning stages of perception and being molded to carry an untainted thought free from bias and prejudice.


If you haven't heard already the Pages are pronounce as the court card that carry and bring  new messages and current news. When referring  to people they represent a new-born to adolescents. If referencing a mature adult in a reading, they may be conveying that the adult is experiencing an event for the very first time. During the beginning stages of life, we tend to have many first time experience, but going through the emotions of experiencing something for the very first time never goes away they are just encountered less frequently. When starting out for the first time in any endeavor we sometime need some assistance. The pages urges that we know how to ask for help, not because we are incapable or bad at doing something, more so to make sure we are shown right the first time around. Because once a new task is learned we tend to rush forward trying to apply our new skills in everyday life.


When a page appears they bring new energies the can only be experience in the suit they fall in.


Let examine the Page of fire, wands, passion, and business enterprise.


Wands has always represented the serf class in Tarot. It's the heart and root of business and work enterprise. The page of wands bring creation and change and excitement to new projects and endeavors. Page of Wands represent people of action or passion. They are the type of people who are ready for a challenge. Rather it be learning how to ride horseback , go mountain climbing, ride a bike, learning how to paint a masterpiece, or sculpt a  new statue. The appearance of the page of wands suggests a new venture is about to begin. This is a new flash or surge of creative energy. This spark will ignite to create an intense burning flame that will lead to fuel and inspire the start of something great. Many times it represent a person who is involved in a new situation surrounding work, art project, or business enterprise. This may be a new entrepreneur taking their first big leap into the world of business and projecting their vision into the world.


The page of wands represent a trustful and honest friend. This friend is genuinely interested in you and your interest. Persons carrying qualities of the page of wands tend to be heavily invested in the development of their fellow men, buds, and ally's. They always looking to bring out the best in a person. They are a born leader and look to help harness a person true skills and traits that they possess.