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Charm Bracelet
"Communication Of Truth"

Beaded Charm Bracelet
Aum, Buddha, and Lotus Flower

The stone of truth, Amazonite is great for tapping into your inner truths to help officiate communication. With it calming and tranquil nature this stone helps enhances loving communication on all levels by stimulating and rejuvenating the heart and throat chakra.

Use this charm bracelet when going through difficult times of strained communication with another person or when you need to tap into your inner intuition to help bring to the surface messages of comprehension. Wearing this bracelet helps keep you in control of your emotions and temper.


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Amazonite Properties

  • Communication of truth.
  • Brings out qualitites of truth integrity and honesty for it's wearer.
  • Direct Connection to the divine & spiritual realm.
  • Helps officiate communication between two parties.
  • Bestows calm, tranquil, and peaceful energy - corresponds to the temperance card in tarot.
  • Stimulates Past-Life Regression
  • Sooth the spirit and calm the soul
  • Tempers aggression, tames irrational,stills the disquiet.
  • Provides harmony & balance
  • Enhancing loving communication on all levels by stimulation&rejuvenating heart and throat chakras.
  • Communicate to other without over-emotionalism.
  • See both sides of an issue objectively to rsolve one own inner conflict
  • Supports by overcoming loneliness
  • Barrier Filter Crystal: amazonite blocks geopathic stress
    • Absorbs microwave and cell phone emanations & protect against electromagnetic pollution.

  • Workplace Energy: Dispel negative energy and aggravation and protect against unfair business practices & from other taking advantage.
  • Amazonite is a good luck stone for games of chance., competitions and luck in financial venture. 

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