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Amethyst & Howlite 
Meditation Mala
"Transform Negativity"

108 Beaded Mala Bracelet Charm
Doubles As Necklace

With this Amethyst & Howlite duo mala, expect to blast away and dispel negativity from you and your surroundings.
Howlite is a stone that helps with self awareness and dispell negative thoughts. Aids in communicating the negative emotions with a clearer emotional expression.
Amethyst is a stone of intuition and spirituality. Aiding in protection against negativity, psychic attacks, and protection against paranormal harm..

Use this mala to help one become more self aware allowing them to transform their mind. Change old habits and increasing spirituality protecting against bad vibrations.



Amethyst Properties

  • curbing bad habits and overindulgence.
  • Gives distinct advantage when debating
  • ideal for diplomats negotiators and business people
  • stone of transformation
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Protection from psychic attacks, paranormal harm, and ill-wishing from others
  • Transforms negative energy into positive, loving energy and return it to the universe
  • Helps produce original or one of a kind ideas/creativity.
  • Stone of spirituality and contentment
  • Ward off nightmares
  • Encourages sweet dreams & ward off nightmares
  • Clear negative and fearful thoughts
  • Aids in amplifying creative energies & assisting in the creation of new original thoughts or results,

Howlite Properties

  • Self-awareness
  • Dispelling negative thoughts
  • Creativity
  • Improved emotional wellbing
  • Focusing on this stone will help deepen telepathic psychometric, and visionary intuition
  • Bring the user the lessons of mindfulness to Great Spirit and respect of all humankind.
  • Respect elders and environment.
  • Stone of sufficiency - taking no more then you need.
  • Past Life Meditation
  • Calms the mind of noise and chatter.
  • Aids in concentration for completing a task.
  • Enhance thoughts and ideas with slightly different twist
  • Regaining emotional balance
  • Aids in explosive heated situations
  • Broaden perspective and provides higher understanding of emotional stress and it's source.

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