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Ankh Set
Meditation Bracelet

Beaded Meditation Bracelet
Hey!!! Looking for support and assistance on your spiritual journey? Basalt and White Onyx will help give you the necessary resources while it aids you as you deepen and explore your spiritual boundaries.

Basalt aka lava rock helps the user begin a spiritual journey as it leverages it volatile and destructive power gained from lava to help overcome bariers and obstacles in life.
While White Onyx opens up the user to messages from the Universe. White Onyx amplifies your telepathic connection with your own higher consciousness and enhances spiritual visions, dream experiences and facilitate connection with lunar energies. The ankh is a symbol of life and fertility.
Use the duo gems and ankh charm to help oversee one's self-mastery in life.


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Onyx (White) Properties

  • Onyx is a gem stone that naturally forms in bland and white bands.
  • Persistence | Tenacity | Focus | Dedication
  • Help business succeed an endure economic cycles.
  • Great for spiritual counselors, Tarot readers, energy workers, Reiki masters, spiritual workers, protects them from other influences during intuitive sessions.
  • Tap into Akashic Records. *White Onyx only
  • Use it when you intend to receive messages from universe.*White Onyx only
  • Use onyx to reach goals by disposing of fears
  • Aids the retention of energies rather than allowing them to dissipate. Allowing one to build up vigor and vitality, stamina and focus.
  • White Onyx can enhance spiritual visions and dream experience, and facilitate connection with lunar energies. * White Onyx only
  • Integrates dualities within the self, and is perhaps the best talisman of strength and self-mastery on the planet.
  • This stone connects to the body, to belongings, to the family, and to the earth putting down roots.
  • Known to hold onto physical memories of the wearer with its structure. If worn too long can generate depression or re-living pain of old injury or trauma.
  • Remarkable stone for wise decision-making and amplifying intuitive gifts.

Lava Rock "Basalt" Properties

  •  Stone of spiritual transformation; use this stone to begin spiritual journey.
  • Ignite your creative spark-energy
  • A grounding stone - connected to the divine mother.
  • Brings stability
  • Allows the user to tap into hidden potential.
  • Cleansing & Renews : Do away of old bad practices.
  • Sexual Stone - Increase libido and enhanced erotica.
  • Raises energy level.
  • Calms Energy: helps with anger management
  • Cleases and obsorb negativity
  • Dispell anxiety fears, worry, cynics.

The stone you need for mental fortitude and security.

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