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Lava Rock "Basalt" 
Meditation Mala

108 Beaded Mala Bracelet 
Doubles As Oil Diffuser

Basalt is widely known as lava rock a stone of explosive properties. Birth from volatile power of a volcano and the destructive power of lava. Basalt is a stone that bestows the user the explosive energy to overcome barriers and obstacles in life.
Basalt is commonly referred as Lava Rock or Lava Stone 

This stone helps the user to begin a spiritual journey welcoming in a spiritual transformation. Since it's birth from the earth itself it also supports the user as a grounding stone allowing it to help calm and stabilize anger in a person and do away with bad habits.

Use this stone when you need extra motivation and energy to reach new goals. Basalt ask you to look deep inside and tap into the power that you posses.

Looking for a little extra passion in the bedroom? Basalt doubles as a oil diffuser. This stone crevices and pores makes it ideal for capturing and holding onto aromatic oils. Ideal for using scents such as cinnamon and lavender to  bring exciting aromatic aromas to your world. Basalt helps stimulate and increase libido.



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Lava Rock "Basalt" Properties

  •  Stone of spiritual transformation; use this stone to begin spiritual journey.
  • Ignite your creative spark-energy
  • A grounding stone - connected to the divine mother.
  • Brings stability
  • Allows the user to tap into hidden potential.
  • Cleansing & Renews : Do away of old bad practices.
  • Sexual Stone - Increase libido and enhanced erotica.
  • Raises energy level.
  • Calms Energy: helps with anger management
  • Cleanse and absorb negativity
  • Dispel anxiety fears, worry, cynics.

The stone you need for mental fortitude and security.

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Lava Stone
Diffuser Bracelet


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