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Rose Quartz | Rhodonite
"Love and Rejuvenate"

Triple Bracelet Set

With this triple bracelet set working in cooperation with one another energies. Expect one to experience true compassion for their self-worth and healing of their emotions, and mental state. Onyx helps the user to retain energies and provides a shield against psychic threats, soothing anxieties, and night terrors. While Rose and Rhodonite work in conjunction to help bring self-love, appreciation, and recovery to the user emotional and mental state. Permeating a peaceful calm and allowing one to become their best self. 


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Onyx (Black) Properties

  • Onyx is a gem stone that naturally forms in bland and white bands.
  • Persistence | Tenacity | Focus | Dedication
  • Help business succeed an endure economic cycles.
  • Great for spiritual counselors, Tarot readers, energy workers, Reiki masters, spiritual workers, protects them from other influences during intuitive sessions.
  • Great stone for work and work areas. Helps with mental focus, grounding and ability to stay on task.
  • Deflect negative thought forms.
  • Eases and soothes nightmares or night terrors.
  • Use onyx to reach goals by disposing of fears
  • Aids the retention of energies rather than allowing them to dissipate. Allowing one to build up vigor and vitality, stamina and focus.
  • Integrates dualities within the self, and is perhaps the best talisman of strength and self-mastery on the planet.
  • This stone connects to the body, to belongings, to the family, and to the earth putting down roots.
  • Known to hold onto physical memories of the wearer with its structure. If worn too long can generate depression or re-living pain of old injury or trauma.
  • Remarkable stone for wise decision-making and amplifying intuitive gifts.

Rose Quartz Properties

  • Tolerance | Love | Compassion | Appreciation | Gratitude | Self - Worth | Peace | Nourishment | Healing | Comfort
  • Attract romance, love, and/or soulmate.
  • Provides feelings of comfort and unconditional love.
  • Called the heart stone
  • Promotes bonding and connection with groups & community.
  • Restores trust and harmony.
  • Strengthen empathy and sensitivity.
  • Aids in acceptance of necessary charge.
  • Speaks directly to the heart chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments.
  • Circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura.
  • Reawakening the heart to its own innate lore, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment allowing one the capacity to truly gives and receive love from others.
  • Use this stone when you need to amplify your own feeling of unconditional love for others as well.
  • It's  a good stone for grief, loss of love, loss of friendships and to make better connection with babies and children.

Rhodonite Properties

  • Recovery | Nurture | Relaxation | Forgiveness
  • Grounding for spiritual practice
  • Grounding support during heartache or sorrow.
  • Uplift your energies.
  • Enhanced amplified calming stone: calms emotional shock and panic
  • Protection for travelers.
  • Restrain Retaliation
  • Counter feeling of inadequacies
  • Calms those who have trouble controlling anger.
  • Rhodonite gentle pink energy helps carry you on as you journey through a period of unhappiness.
  • Helps connect heart and mind.
  • Alerts one to circumstances where something or someone is not as it seems, providing "wake-up" call to so something about it.
  • Use to hold back insults and recognize that revenge and retaliation is self destructive.
  • Wear after a breakup to learn to love yourself and value your own self company.
  • Empowers one to reach full potential, focusing one's gift and energies outward for the betterment of all.
  • Reduces childhood jealousies between siblings that often spoil their adult relationship.
  • Use Rhodonite to transmute lust and excessive libido into loving exchange of passionate sexual energy.

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